Buyer Rebate

We are now offering Buyers Rebates to home buyers. You can choose two levels of service and you get a buyers rebate with both.

The first level of service is full real estate service that you get from a real estate agent but it comes with a 1% commission rebate. With this service we will help you with:

1. Helping you search for your perfect home.

2.  Setup appointments for you to view properties.

3. Help you get pre-qualified for a mortagage. (if desired).

4. Write-up and negotiate your offer to purchase.

5. Help you scedule inspections and manage the escrow process.

6. We will be with you until the close of escrow when you take posession of your new home and receive your home buyer rebate!


The second service we offer is similar to the first but it is for our clients that have already found the home they want to purchase. This can be perfect for a new construction home. For these clients our services usually starts with us helping you write an offer, and then progresses through negotiation and escrow. We are with you all the way until close of escrow. Because you found the home on your own, we will give you a 50% commission rebate.

That is how you can get a great deal on your new home.


  • Sales Price $400,000.00
  • Total Commission 3% = $12,000.00
  • Buyer Rebate 1% = $4,000.00
  • Buyer Rebate 50% = $6,000.00
You can get a rebate of upto $15,000
Purchace Price of PropertyIf Agent commissionis 3%If Agent commissionis 2.5%If Agent commissionis 2%
$200,000Your rebate is $2,000Your rebate is $1,500Your rebate is $1,000
$300,000Your rebate is $3,000Your rebate is $2,250Your rebate is $1,500
$400,000Your rebate is $4,000Your rebate is $3,000Your rebate is $2,000
$500,000Your rebate is $5,000Your rebate is $3,750Your rebate is $2,500
$600,000$Your rebate is 6,000Your rebate is $4,500Your rebate is $3,000


IMPORTANT:  New Jersey Real Estate Commission rules REQUIRE there be a written agreement with the buyer at the onset of the relationship. Otherwise no rebate may be issued.  So you must sign up for this initially or it will not apply.  The rebate will be paid as a “credit” to the buyer at closing or a check from the closing agent, thereby reducing our portion of the Broker commission. 

Other names for a real estate rebate  are Home Buyer rebate, Buyer Rebate, Home Buyers Rebate, and Commission Rebate.