Islamic Financing

Shari’ah compliant Islamic Financing

Looking to make a sound INVESTMENT, or Buy a House,

Islamic banks provide secure and profitable INVESTMENT opportunities and Shari’ah compliant home financing for its members.

Islamic INVESTMENT practices have a positive impact on one’s economic and social aspects, and benefit the Muslim community at large;

  • These institutions have the ability to recognize the need of establishing and continuing to provide options to those who simply want to obey Allah’s (SWT) command.
  • To help members purchase or refinance their homes with an interest-free alternative.
  • Allah (SWT) has given us the chance to be used in implementing one of his commands that is to help those who do not want to get into Riba or who want to get out of Riba.
  • Assist in establishing Muslim communities across North America.


The business model is based on the principles of rent-to-own and accruing equity. Also called lease–to-purchase or lease-to-own. This model helps a buyer secure financing with the help of an investor (bank) who gives the purchaser a loan based on certain conditions. Depending on how much down payment the buyer is willing to contribute, the investor's share of profit comes from the rent. In other words the investor gets rent from their share of the investment. The buyer's payments consist of principle and rent. As the home owner makes his monthly payments, his share (equity) in the home increases. These loans have no prepayment penalty and are given for a duration of 15yr, 20yr, 30yr.

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Islamic Financing Institutions.

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